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Testimonial from a reader of both books — Hans Dietz, Classicist

The two books are fundamentally handbooks on responsible and successful living according to nature. When Jacqueline Kelsey describes her awareness through intuition, i.e., her unique way of learning from nature, I am reminded of how in my youth I was instructed in how to meditate effectively while praying the rosary. I should create in my imagination vivid pictures of, let’s say, the crucified Christ and we were told to let the picture work on us deeply and thoroughly so as to create a purposeful, positive effect on the soul and finally come out from this intense contemplation as a sanctified individual who has gained grace and favors with the Lord, one huge step ahead in our spiritual pursuit.

In a similar way, the author invites the reader to a process of intuitive search within the natural scenery surrounding us toward such positive results as successfully overcoming grief, skillfully dealing with worries of various kinds, properly enjoying highs of joy and jubilation and also suitably accepting lows of depression and despair.

For this method she recommends a clear and innocent mind like that of a child which will absorb, through passive reception, the healing purity of nature such as one finds in clear waters, quiet landscapes, beautiful inviting flowerbeds and especially the wild kingdom of animals. Animals and their lives are the agents of boundless bliss for the author and to be able to connect with them is for her the highest form of communication. This purging of the mind, the unloading of the unnecessary ballast of negative thinking marks the first step toward success mentally and physically. To maintain this behavioral pattern throughout one’s daily existence should be the key to perpetual spiritual and emotional happiness and material prosperity, so the author.

The writer goes as far as creating what seems to be mini-miracles. Through the process of “manifesting,” an intense volitional concentration on a desired outcome, one can reach that goal if one firmly believes in it. With so much volition one cannot go wrong. I rate the book as ‘superb.’

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