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Jacqueline K. Kelsey, Ph.D. is an alternative learner and leads others to connect and receive from out-of-the-way people in society. Her greatest teachers are humble people and animals. After a full career of teaching literature and writing in college and high schools, she became a teacher educator at the university level.

Her interdisciplinary doctoral treatise to create a nature-based worldview freed her to fly in the dark, beyond the stars, to live creatively, to find her own expression, and to accept a faith that God is in her everyday world. To give over to a new person meant that she gave up old ways and dependencies, except for God. Seeking new sources and connections required freedom and being in the dark about outcome.

After fifteen years of leading workshops on life story writing Jacqueline recorded and performed her written stories of experiences with animals as teachers. In Beneath the Tall Black Door (2011) she created seven parables for perceiving solutions to life problems as she encountered wild animals.

Flight Beyond the Stars (2013), Jacqueline’s story of development over time, portrays her sojourn through selected stories. She says she was aware of the process as she wrote the stories along the way. Adventurous and risk taking, Jacqueline realizes her dream to connect with original peoples in Hawaii, the Northwest, and the South Pacific. She says she has the “time of her life,” all of the time, forever.

About the author’s relationship to nature

Learn to create a mini-miracle with nature and change the direction of your life in a major problem area. A reader’s testimony makes miracle making clearer; the stories in both books give clear examples. Both books show that when people relate to nature in a humble way they manifest their heart’s desires.

– preface to Beneath the Tall Black Door by Robin, Vermont

Jacqueline K. Kelsey, Ph.D.

By telling parables Jacqueline Kelsey teaches observational skills regarding the connection between revered nature and the commonplace of human experience.

After completing interdisciplinary Ph. D. research on learning from the land, Jacqueline developed a theoretical worldview which illustrates how imagination relates to cycles in nature, work life, and learning.

Her professional background as a college and university teacher has been enhanced by extensive travel throughout the United States and beyond. Her exploration has included immersion in native cultures which are historically embedded in the wonder of nature such as the American Indian, Hawaiian and South Pacific. Growing up in a rural community provided her with first-hand experience nurturing animals. She is able to draw naturally on true-to-life incidents occurring on their once-family farm and in small towns where she lived throughout her life.

Dedicated to learning how untamed nature can bring meaning and healing through its all encompassing beauty, Kelsey has used her accumulated talents to share what she has learned through serendipity and intuition.

Through the spoken word on radio programs and in workshops, and through the written word in books and materials, she conveys a simple method of seeing and hearing. Nature deserves an integral role in developing our awareness. She has come to believe that tuning into our imagination makes us one with a God-imagined natural world and therefore enlarges our significance on earth.